Come By Chance

Come By Chance
Author: A.J. Llewellyn
Published: February 22nd 2015 by Amber Allure
Goodreads Rating: 3.33
Genre: Romance
Language English
Pages: 91

When photographer’s assistant Gary Holland meets three Australian underpants models—all called Bruce—on what should be a routine shoot in LA, it turns out to be anything but.

He falls for the geekiest, yet sexiest, Bruce of them all, but soon learns Bruce has not only never been with another man but is an anxious virgin. Bruce lives in the whimsically named town of Come By Chance in northern New South Wales, population 178.

After a torrid fling starts in California, Bruce wants Gary to visit him in the land down under. Shocks, laughter, love, a shy kangaroo named Phillip, a goose called Zeus and a tractor that thinks it’s a horse, soon welcome Gary to a life he never thought he’d want to live.

Can two men who are such opposites make a life together? Does love like this really…come by chance?