Cuffed By A New York Gangsta 2

Cuffed By A New York Gangsta 2
Author: Racquel Williams
Published: May 10th 2018 by Shan Presents, LLC
Goodreads Rating: 4.95

The ladies are back with twice the drama in this explosive finale. Things take a drastic turn for young Mia Jones when she quickly realizes that she is in a deadly love triangle and her life flashes in front of her. Not only is she up against her man’s other woman, but there is a snake slithering close by. Being no stranger to the streets, Mia put a plan into motion. With feelings aside, she’s become a savage that is out to get blood from any and every one that stood in her way, even her best friend, Syianna. Tyan Coley is back with a vengeance. With deadly intentions and her will to get revenge, she will go the extra mile to get Mia out of the picture permanently. Not only is she getting rid of the other woman, she set out to take revenge against the man that once held her heart captive. In this finale, no one can be trusted and everyone is out for blood. Friends turn into enemies. Lovers become strangers and everyone is out for blood. Will Mia get her happy ending or will she realize that love don’t love nobody?