I Am Kronos

I Am Kronos
Author: Rachel DeFriez
Published: May 21st 2014 by Two Cents Publishing
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
ISBN10: 1499588577
Genre: Romance
Language English
Pages: 290
ISBN13: 9781499588576

It’s not every day you get a friend request from a dead girl.

I_am_Kronos is a thrilling blend of gaming, sci-fi, and supernatural romance. Keven Meyers, gamer and classic underachiever on the fringe of cool, gets a friend request from Sierra Sands, recently deceased and haunting his video games.

Sierra is stuck in the Nexus, the center where all the universes and realities collide. She desperately needs Keven’s help to stop Silas, another lost soul using his diabolical understanding of the world between the worlds to prey on gamers.

When Silas attacks Keven in his video game, Sierra drags Keven's soul through the game and into the safety of the Nexus where he becomes painfully aware that he is inextricably connected, across universes and realities, to this dead girl. But with the infinite possibilities of multiple realities come options--options like his best friend Lexy Granger. Only the strength of the ties that bind Keven, Sierra, and Lexy, on multiple levels, in and out of existences, are strong enough to overthrow Silas. Rachel DeFriez, author of the chilling zombie romance, Grey Matters, brings us a spine-tingling supernatural thriller that delves into the metaphysical world of the multi-verse.