Cheshire Cat Lady: Novella #3

Cheshire Cat Lady: Novella #3
Author: Hollis Pith
Published: April 4th 2016 by Advanced Middle Grade
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Genre: Uncategorized
Language English
Pages: 49

Hollis Pith will scare you stiff! Siblings Anne and Tommy have to spend the summer in Cheshire with their old creepy aunt in her giant run down house. Tommy thinks it’s kind of cool that their aunt has so many kittens—until he wakes up to a demented half human cat staring at him in the corner of the room. Anne though is too preoccupied and dismisses her brother’s sighting as his 'imagination running wild'. But when Anne is confronted with the monster cat herself, it might be too late for the both of them. Advanced Middle Grade Publishes middle grade level educational books for ages 9 and up. The Hollis Pith book series is a unique classroom reader that uses early High School vocabulary in conjunction with context clues to increase your children's language skills while reading an exciting and fun series they are sure to enjoy.