The Plug Next Door 4: Summer's Story

The Plug Next Door 4: Summer's Story
Author: Sol
Published: June 21st 2017 by Leo Sullivan Presents
Goodreads Rating: 4.76
Genre: Urban

In Part 3 of The Plug Next Door, you found out that God has another daughter named Summer. However, her life isn't what one would imagine for someone who has a rich plug for a father.

The little Chicago girl is living in poverty, helping her adoptive mother clean homes in order to make ends meet. Still, at the tender age of 17, she's just like any other teenaged girl.

She's never been in any real trouble, makes good grades in school, and has a best friend who rides for her. She's even headed off to college soon. Her world seems to be moving along on track until a blast from the past walks back into the picture. Loso, an effervescent hustler with a charming smile, lavish cars, and end money, quickly wins the young girl's heart. He's the perfect guy, spoils her to no end, and upgrades her life. Everything about him drives Summer crazy, but she's not the only girl on his team. He's been known to get around, and there is one other woman that he can't seem to shake no matter how hard he tries.

If Loso's promiscuous ways aren't enough to tear him and Summer apart, there are many other obstacles standing in the way. Their age difference, betrayal in the streets, and then there's Summer's father, God. What does the future hold for their fairytale relationship when Loso finds out that he's dating his plug’s daughter? ***Please note, if you do not read this installment, you will be confused in part 5. This story will fill particular holes from part 3 (i.e. How Sloan got pregnant, the circumstances behind Summer being given up for adoption, the start of Young and Erin's affair, as well as what God did on the streets when he was in Chicago).