The Goodwill Vultures Club: A Day of Heroes

The Goodwill Vultures Club: A Day of Heroes
Author: Hugh Willard
Published: September 25th 2015 by Willow Way Creations
Goodreads Rating: 4.62
ISBN10: 0990846822
Genre: Relationships
Pages: 170
ISBN13: 9780990846826

Roberta, who prefers to be called Rob, is a gentle spirit and often misunderstood by people who don’t see beyond her outward appearance. “Heroes for the Day” is the story of Buzz and Rob who learn that even an ugly, ailing bird is capable of bringing life and happiness into the lives of others. This new chapter book serves as an example of the healing benefits of pet therapy. The author, Hugh Willard, a psychotherapist, describes the bond between the boy and bird as a path to healing for Buzz in the aftermath of his parents’ divorce. Later, Rob brings laughter and joy to the life of a young girl with autism.