Twisted Doubles

Twisted Doubles
Author: Joanie Pariera
Published: September 15th 2017 by Prime Media e-Launch LLC
Goodreads Rating: 4.69
Genre: Fiction
Language English
Pages: 325

TWISTED DOUBLES CHILLINGLY CRIMINAL… A young, seemingly guile millionaire businessman, an unsuspecting, progressive, middle-class woman who meets and falls in love with him, a tortured ex-cop who gets entangled in their tragic love story, and a hardworking reporter with a never-say-die attitude - these are just some of the characters in this suspense-filled love story about what it means to hold on to everything that makes you, you. ‘Twisted Doubles’ is not just a story about double trouble. It examines human identity as it is defined for us by everyone else. It journeys through the identity trail as set by any bureaucracy, from birth to death and beyond. It explores the irony in trying to walk the legal path, whether tested, proposed, or new, in a world where humans increasingly find themselves reduced to any single thing that identifies them where it matters most. Set in India, with the South Asian Tsunami of 2004 as a backdrop, ‘Twisted Doubles’ is a story of identity crises that will enthrall just as much as it will make you weep. When Anjali Aiyer wakes up in a strange place, drugged and beaten up the day of her wedding, she is devastated. Her trauma takes an absurd turn when she finally makes it back to her hometown and is greeted by doors shutting in her face and a family that is convinced she is an imposter. Heartbroken and alone, Anjali must find her way back to her family, her love, and her life itself. BUT EVERY STEP SHE TAKES, LANDS HER DEEPER IN A VORTEX OF LIES…!