Bimini By Midnight: The Adventures of Rick Greyfeather

Bimini By Midnight: The Adventures of Rick Greyfeather
Author: D.E. Higgins
Published: August 10th 2015 by D.E. Higgins
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Genre: Uncategorized
Language English
Pages: 168

Rick Greyfeather is a part Scottish and Black Seminole Indian who resides on the Bahamian Island of Bimini, and spends much of his time in South Florida. Rick, a retired Navy S.E.A. L., is the one you turn to when you need help after all legal remedies have been exhausted. Rick wants to balance the scales of justice in this world of inequity. Sometimes it is necessary for him to operate in the gray area of the law. Charlie Rollins has an invention that will change the way the world lives.

He finds himself being hunted down by nefarious people for his patent. No one knows who these people are. Rick, with the help of friend and confidant, Judge Regional Winthrop, still cannot determine who that enemy is.