Steel and Heat

Steel and Heat
Series Blacksteel Bandits MC
Author: Evelyn Glass
Published: May 12th 2015 by E-Book Publishing World
Goodreads Rating: 3.54
Genre: Uncategorized
Language English
Pages: 108

It all comes crashing down… Just when Miranda thinks she’s found her second chance at love, it’s taken away from her in the blink of an eye. Now she’s left to pick up the pieces all over again… And his walls are crumbling, too Tyler keeps telling himself he made the right choice. But if he did, why does it feel so wrong? He knew getting tangled up again with the past is a bad idea, especially when he’s got bigger things to worry about now… The fight is not over yet, and things are about to get more heated than ever Miranda and Tyler have gotten a taste of each other and they’re beginning to find out that sample wasn’t enough: they might just be addicted… But with Tyler’s plans rapidly spiraling out of control, secrets and lies uncovered, will they be able to come back for more? EXCERPT Tyler struggled to find the words resonating in his surprised thoughts. “What are you doing?” She took a moment to reply.

What was she doing? This man had dragged her into a life-threatening situation. How could she even stomach touching him? Miranda realized her dissent took the voice of her family and she could see them, scowling down at her for her ill-thought actions. There were only two options in this situation: help him and risk death or find sanctuary in a foreign country. She didn't need to choose right away, though. Did she? “I have a few hours to make a decision, right?” Miranda queried, tilting her head back.

She licked her lips, her gaze locked to his face. “This might actually be our last meeting.” Tyler fell silent. She had a point. The only reason to stay in Legacy would be to help him. Pete's lackeys established Miranda's connection to him - and verified it tenfold. If she left tomorrow for foreign soil, she had nothing to worry about. There were still hours left before morning roused the town from their beds. A lot could happen in that time frame. She shoved him back onto the bed. Excitement licked up his body as his back impacted against the squeaky mattress. Miranda climbed atop him, a slight smile coiling along her lips. She didn't make it far up his body.

Her fingers tugged on the fastenings of his jeans, coaxing his quickly hardening erection from the depths of his pants. She watched his reactions, a thrill rising through her thoughts. She had complete and utter control over this situation, unlike what happened earlier. Warmth tugged at her thoughts. He was putty in her hands and she knew just where to stroke to make him melt further. Yet, somehow, Tyler always managed to surprise her in the most delightful ways.