Handling the Pornography Addiction: What's Wrong With a Few Dirty Movies Anyway?

Handling the Pornography Addiction: What's Wrong With a Few Dirty Movies Anyway?
Author: Kelly Mastoff
Published: May 24th 2016
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
Genre: Uncategorized
Language English
Pages: 40

Handling the Pornography Addiction: What’s Wrong With a Few Dirty Movies Anyway? David Mastoff Pornography has become a plague affecting people all over the world. With a few mouse clicks, anyone connected to the net can viewvideos and pictures portraying anything from nudity to hardcore explicit sex acts. There are even websites that feature women who perform live using webcams, known as cam models - these are quickly becoming the most popular sites on the internet.

Many people view pornography without harm to their psyche and use it as part of their normal sex life. They enjoy the “spice” that adult entertainment can provide. You could compare this to someone who socially drinks; they can enjoy a glass of wine with dinner without becoming an alcoholic. On the other hand, some people suffer from an addiction to pornography. These individuals are driven to view explicit materials in a similar way to those who have addictions to alcohol or drugs. Quite often, they will spend obscene amounts of money to purchase graphic materials, and will often become introverted and isolated from society. A few men and women become so addicted that they lose their friends, isolate themselves from their families and don’t bother to find a romantic partner.

Their overriding purpose in life becomes the viewing of pornographic materials and the related sexual sensations. Pornography is everywhere, all around us, and it has an effect on individuals and society as a whole. This book explores the effects of porn on individual, families and societies as a whole.

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