Apex Predator

Apex Predator
Author: Kelvin Kwa
Published: December 9th 2013 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Goodreads Rating: 4.03
ISBN10: 1490320059
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 672
ISBN13: 9781490320052

Apex Predator is a military techno-thriller wrapped around a core of science-fiction horror. Set in the very near future, the story follows a variety of characters; the officers and crew of a United States nuclear submarine, a highly trained splinter unit of Navy SEALs, a Chinese Special Forces commander and a rogue freelance intelligence agent as they are entangled in a sinister covert operation that will see them hunted and betrayed by friend and enemy alike. But natural adversaries and hidden agendas are the least of their worries. Deep beneath the polar ice-cap an ancient mythological creature has awakened to the death cries of its children caught in the unwitting crossfire of the human conflict raging above. Intelligent as it is malevolent, this entity will stop at nothing to sate its hunger for vengeance and destruction on the surface world. From the wastelands of the Arctic Tundra to the New England coast, even to the very doorstep of their homes, man and machine will be pursued by an unrelenting, immortal abomination that will test the limits of their courage, resourcefulness and military might. Only the survivors, only the triumphant will be the Apex Predator.