Lock & Key (Being Eloise, #2)

Lock & Key (Being Eloise, #2)
Author: Eloise Spanks
Published: September 24th 2012 by Satirev Books
Goodreads Rating: 0.00
Genre: Uncategorized
Language English
Pages: 96

Real-life author Eloise Spanks wrote about the sexual escapades of her neighbors—and not a little about her own libido—in Tongue Tied. Now, in volume two of her confessional Being Eloise, Ms. Spanks reconnects with some of the same characters while introducing us to the sex lives of the denizens of the big city: all longing for excitement, love, and the titillation of a fresh start. Like the volume that precedes it, we've found the journey thus far full of climax. We're eager for even more. A terrific read