Furever After (Tartarus MC Saga, #1)

Furever After (Tartarus MC Saga, #1)
Author: Arielle Lewenhart
Published: April 16th 2015
Goodreads Rating: 3.57
Genre: Paranormal
Language English
Pages: 70

A lonely girl who wants a better life, a haunted man who needs a mate, and his best friend. Mason thought knew his role in the world. He was the Brimstone Bear, leader of the Tartarus MC. He had ascended to his position of Alpha through power and cunning. No one could tell him he didn't deserve his position. However, according to ancient tradition, Mason must take a mate within the next year to retain his position and guide the pack into a new era. And he had absolutely no idea what to do, so he asks his best friend and second in command, Jackson, to take care of it. Katya Sharapova is a lonely girl dreaming of a better future, but she knows her options are limited. When her friend points her to a mail order bride website, Katya signs up hoping to for a new start. She never expects a man like Mason to want her. But things are never as clear as they seem, and Jackson finds himself drawn to this quiet, lovely girl from a distant land. When he and Katya find themselves alone, he must do everything in his power to resist his impulses...and Katya must make a choice between the two men that will determine her entire future.