Surviving Divorce: A Divine Love Story

Surviving Divorce: A Divine Love Story
Author: Simone Miller
Published: June 18th 2017 by Grace Publishing
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Pages: 41

SURVIVING DIVORCE: A Divine Love Story " ‘A Divine Love Story’ is not a subtitle you expect to find for a book describing the aftermath of divorce.

Divorce seems like the very antithesis of a love story. But when I think about that incredibly difficult time; the one thing that stands out most as I look back, is the enduring love and tenderness of my Lord. Therefore, although this book alludes to the end of a love story between a man and a woman, it also marks a new beginning. The beginning of me recognizing that the God I served was not just up in the sky looking down, an absently benevolent God. He is ‘El Roi’ The God who sees me (Genesis 16:13). I came face to face with a God who is caring and present in all the vicissitudes of life – just as interested in the life-altering events as He is in the small details. A love story is about as true a description as I could give to my experience because it accurately describes the kind of attention and care and unconditional love that every girl dreams of finding in a lifelong partner; and it portrays the fledgling romance that began there on my knees as I poured out my broken heart...." Divorce can send you into a tail-spin down into the depths of despair, but you don't have to stay there After her 16-year marriage ended, Simone Miller went through an intense period of distress and anguish even while crying out to God for relief. Silence. It was only when she became still and became attuned to the voice of the Lord that the fog began to lift and she was able to see the path laid out before her. Surviving Divorce: A Divine Love Story is a guide that offers practical, actionable steps that are inspired by the Holy Spirit and backed by the Word of God. Simone draws you into her world as she experienced it during the worst of times and you rejoice with her as you catch the first glimpses of the sun peeping out through the clouds. One moment you’re feeling all of the roller coaster of emotions that Divorce evokes and the next, you take an unexpected turn and it evolves into a celebration of what the Potter’s hand can create out of the mis-shapen clay of our lives. You will focus on the following to start your healing journey: How to protect your mind against negative influences and break out of the vicious cycle of self-pity How to be thankful and focus on the positives in your life How engaging in activities bigger than yourself can help alleviate your pain and give you a broader perspective ...And many more! Retracing her steps through the painful period of her divorce, Simone doesn't just dispense another self-help book. She also shares with you her personal experience of how she got through the most trying period of her life and shows you how the end of your marriage, however painful, shouldn't eclipse your core faith... It may well usher you into the greatest love story of your life! Scroll up and download your copy today