Clown Apocalypse

Clown Apocalypse
Author: Tim Miller
Published: February 2016 by GutWrench
Goodreads Rating: 4.10
Genre: Horror
Language English
Pages: 206

This is an alternate cover edition for B013R8CGUS In this spinoff from the April Almighty series, the Happytown clowns are back! The clowns are more terrifying than ever and ready to spin their own tale of death and mayhem. Ice Katy is on the the loose after escaping from Jericho Systems. Her mentor, Mad Maxwell is imprisoned somewhere beneath one of Jericho’s facilities. Nolan Collinsworth is a washed up child actor. Now 45 years old, he’s hanging on to what little celebrity he has left. After accepting an invite to a horror convention in Odessa, Texas he thinks he’s on the way to a comeback. Except Ice Katy and her band of clowns decides to crash the convention, turning it in to her own personal Funhouse of horrors. Damien Carter is a Tracker with Jericho Systems. The only way he can stop Katy is with the help of Mad Maxwell. Can he get inside the deranged clown’s head in time to find Katy and save the people of Odessa? Or will Mad Maxwell turn him into a pawn in another of his silly games? Can anyone stop the forthcoming Clown Apocalypse?