Decoding the Past: The Psychohistorical Approach

Decoding the Past: The Psychohistorical Approach
Author: Peter Loewenberg
Published: January 31st 1996 by Routledge
Goodreads Rating: 2.57
ISBN10: 1560008466
Genre: Nonfiction
Language English
Pages: 330
ISBN13: 9781560008460

In Decoding the Past, Peter Loewenberg has collected eleven of his brilliant essays on psychohistory, a discipline that has emerged from the synthesis of traditional historical analysis and clinical psychoanalysis. He surveys this relatively new field--its methods and its problems--to show the special contributions that psychoanalysis can make to history. He then further explores the psychohistorical method by applying it to studies of personality, cultures, groups, and mass movements, demonstrating that psychohistory offers one of the most powerful of interpretive approaches to history. Decoding the Past is an impressive study that demonstrates the range of Loewenberg's own work in history and psychoanalysis and the full promise of an important and innovative methodology for others. His new essay takes up many of the criticisms and concerns raised about the method of psychohistory, and offers a cogent defense for its continued usage.