Safe at Home

Safe at Home
Series St. Helena Vineyard Universe
Author: Pamela Gibson
Published: May 8th 2018 by Kindle Worlds
Goodreads Rating: 4.75

Unlikely Roommates Lisa Mallory’s organized life has just become chaos. Her mother is on her honeymoon, her home and belongings were lost in a fire, and her cat is missing. First priority is to find her pet, second is to find a home, and her third? To stay as far away as possible from the smooth-talking, boisterous, ball-playing piece of man-candy who just became her stepbrother.

Ryan Jordan can’t believe his dad wants him to ask Lisa to move in with him until she finds another place. She’s too uptight, too nerdy, and too much of a stickler for propriety, even though he knows she has as much right to their parents’ house as he does. The fact that the pesky girl he remembered has blossomed into a beautiful woman doesn’t help. And the teensy bit of drunken groping they engaged in at their parents’ recent wedding still invades his sleep. Lisa and Ryan have known and annoyed each other for a decade. But all that is about to change.