Seeds of Night and Day. Nhung Hat Giong Cua Dem Va Ngay.: Collected Poems.Tho

Seeds of Night and Day. Nhung Hat Giong Cua Dem Va Ngay.: Collected Poems.Tho
Author: Mai Văn Phấn
Published: October 4th 2013 by Page Addie Press
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN10: 0992296439
Genre: Uncategorized
Pages: 154
ISBN13: 9780992296438

WINNER OF THE 2017 CICADA PRIZE FOR POETRY! PAPERBACK NOW INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE KINDLE EBOOK BEST-SELLERWith 15 published books to date, Mai Van Phan's latest book Seeds of Night and Day brings the voice of the Vietnamese Poet to international readers in this bilingual book. Now poetry readers worldwide are able to gain a rare glimpse inside Vietnam and the Vietnamese culture. The turbid past, contemporary progressive present and unpredictable future, as seen through the eyes, heart and soul of one of Vietnam's most prolific and thought provoking contemporary poets. Mai Van Phan writes in his native language. The Vietamese language is emotional, expressive, precise, symbolic and metaphorical. His poems are rich with memories, experiences and strong emotions...In Seeds of Night and Day, Mai Van Phan unearths even deeper truth. His words express the value of culture, spirit, traditions and customs of the Vietnamese people.

Here, the poet speaks up about the joy and immense sadness that his people have been through. His poems illuminate and reveal poverty, diseases, suffering and backwardness while at the same time capturing the heart and soul and expressions of the Vietnamese people. His words move forward, just as his country is moving forward. The poet becomes part of social change. For it is said that the greater impact of the poet, the larger and more unique poetry atmosphere it can spread...the more positive effect it can cause to the society. The poet is the one who designs a structure for the society and nature in his own way. This rare honest insight is expressed freely in this long awaited book.Poet Mai Van Phan says, "We always have hope for a brighter future, like seeds that are sown in the darkness and move towards the light." He explores the mystery and complexity of human nature and the natural world.

A radiant dawn, a worm in the leaf, and the sigh of a woman... Mai Van Phan sees the world through the eyes of a poet who can see into another world. This bilingual version, translated from the poet's original writing, allows the reader to see into Mai Van Phan's Vietnam. "This copyright holder prohibits the use and distribution of their content from unauthorized sources. Support them by purchasing or accessing from authorized sources only. is the authorized DMCA Agent for this copyright holder."