The Ruby Throne

The Ruby Throne
Series Elric
Author: Julien Blondel
Published: September 16th 2014 by Titan Comics
Goodreads Rating: 4.24
ISBN10: 1782761241
Genre: Fantasy
Language English
Pages: 64
ISBN13: 9781782761242

Elric, the albino emperor, has ruled Melniboné for millennia - a feat made possible through magic and various herbs that serve to strengthen and prolong his life. However, Elric's empire is crumbling before him and now his envious cousin and prince of Melniboné, Yyrkoon, plots to claim the Ruby Throne for himself. Yet when Elric's people come under the threat of a pirate attack, Elric believes that he can once again restore his authority and regain their faith by defeating the pirates. However, the true cost of this task will force him to reveal his allegiance to the dark Arioch, the most dominant of the Lords of Chaos...