The Worst of Me

The Worst of Me
Series Sonic Idols
Author: Lisa J. Hobman
Published: by Lisa J. Hobman
Goodreads Rating: 4.27
Genre: Romance
Language English

Nick Dacre is the epitome of the classic rock star. Women, booze and luxury are handed to him on a daily basis and life is great. Until another alcohol fuelled sexual encounter forces him to realise that, in spite of his many achievements, his life and the relationships therein have no real meaning. Now feeling trapped in a life he is expected to continue leading a terrifying event forces him to re-evaluate his future. The words of a stunning and feisty, Scottish chambermaid, met whilst on tour in London, return to haunt him. Are her words the key to the drastic changes he needs to make? Will he find himself but lose his heart in the process?